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Exodos December/January Cover Model

DJ Miss Diamond

"Everybody is their own master of their life and you decide for yourself what life you get. I can guide you with my music and demonstrate what a happy life can be just by being happy myself"

Question: EM - First off we would like to thank you for taking the time to interview with us Miss Diamond or should we call you Mistress of Sound?
Answer: DJ -My good friends call me Claudia :-)
It’s a pleasure for me to be interviewing with you especially since I`m a big fan of our entertainment magazine.

Question: EM - Let’s start from the beginning. You were involved with music even before becoming a DJ. Can you tell us a little bit about your past music history?
Answer: DJ -Well, I was always involved with music somehow...dancing at 5 years old (ballet, modern, and other styles), my first insight was becoming a professional dancer because I just loved the music and artistically environment. At 12 years old I learned guitar and I fell in love with it immediately. I always had talent for music, recognizing notes just by listening and creating rhythms on my own. I guess music is something that I was born to do.

Question: EM -How have your past music experiences and talent helped you in the DJ world and is that what separates you from other DJ’s?
Answer: DJ -My past music experiences are essential for me or anyone to be a good DJ. Without it you can`t fulfill the wishes of the crowd entirely and not just be another DJ. I believe that is what’s missing today. Being a DJ is a complex task and it’s not just about going to the club and having fun. I prepare my set the whole week prior to my gig, putting in many hours per day just so I can present the best and the most singular work for that club and that night. I do this for every club I play at.

What separates me from other club DJ’s is that I try to bring an entire entertainment presentation, which includes a deep connection with the crowd, something nice to dance to and even watch. They feel that, and they experience a real and different club experience. I can see that in their eyes, we can really talk in that sense and that makes me give the crowd what they want.

Question: EM -How did you go about acquiring the name “Voodoo Girl” and “Mistress of Sound”?
Answer: DJ - This came from deep within my heart. "Miss Diamond" is really me and also the title of my first single, it’s my first appearance on the global club scene and that’s why it has the subtitle "birth on earth". I love to make people happy and my magic in the clubs and on the dance floors around the world proves just that. And because my fans also described and felt it as magic they ended up calling me "Voodoo Girl" (which is also the name of my single).

Question: EM - From the style of music you mix Mistress, there is a style you describe as “Sexy House Beats”. Can you tell us a little more about what this style is?
Answer: DJ - Sexy House is House with a nice beat, a lot of swing, vocals that are mostly female and when all this is combined together it creates something that’s truly sexy and engages the people. They just let themselves go and follow their instincts. It’s really amazing!
That is what I do and it’s something I get reminded of by my fans.

Question: EM - You have toured Europe as well as Brazil and the US and many have fallen to your spellbinding sounds. Is there something significantly different in these countries/continents when it comes to the world of clubbing, clubbers and the general music scene?
Answer: DJ -Each country has a particular taste and a way to enjoy music. Brazil for instance is a very rich mix of cultures, which makes it rich in music. There I try to give the crowd something strong like percussions with warm and happy beats, which is exactly what they are. Europe is more about melodies and the US is more about concepts (NYC is where everything comes first). In the end each place has his own way to have fun and that`s why I love to tour those places and experience the differences.

Question: EM - Can we expect a North American tour in the near future?
Answer: DJ -: You can expect one for sure. I just love playing in the US! In December there will be a club tour in Switzerland and the beginning of next year we will go to the Netherlands and South Africa. We are also talking to some supporters in India and China. If somebody is interested in helping us organizing other countries I can offer an official Miss Diamond DJ kiss ;)

Question: EM -What is the main feeling and atmosphere you want to create for your crowd when they come to see and hear you, or should we say when they come to serve you?
Answer: DJ -As a DJ I feel a deep obligation to give the people what they want. Making the crowd happy and making their bodies move to their inner rhythm is what makes me happy. If you see it this way connection to my fans is everything and what I play or which kind of music I create is just coming from the hearts of my fans. The world would be a better place if everybody would just decide to be happy. It’s actually very easy. Being a Brazilian girl, this is what you learn first.

Question: EM -Is there something your fans (obedient servants) don’t know about you that you would like to share with them?
Answer: DJ -Everybody is their own master of their life and you decide for yourself what life you get. I can guide you with my music and demonstrate what a happy life can be just by being happy myself.

Question: EM -Any future plans your fans should be looking out for in the near future that you can tell us about
Answer: DJ -Yes we have many things going on and I am sure everybody will love this. If you think that "Voodoo Girl" being the most remixed debut song of all times is a big thing than this one will blow you away. I’ll only give out one hint, "It’s for free!”
And we have one more secret project going on that’s set up especially for DJ’s. This will be really cool once we can officially announce it and talk about it. Just be sure that Exodos Magazine will be the first to know.

Question: EM -We humbly thank you for interviewing with us Mistress and we wish you the best in all you do.
Answer: DJ -Thanks a lot, we’ll keep in touch for sure.









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